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2 grams € 14,00 € 7,00/gr
5 grams €35,00 €25,00 € 5,00/gr
10 grams €70,00 €35,00 € 3,50/gr
20 grams €140,00 €60,00 € 3,00/grtip!

Shipping costs:

The Netherlands: free, E.U.: €6 per order. Outside EU: €17,50 per order excl. inspection costs*.

*Countries with phytosanitary requirements pay fees inspection.

At you find Saffron products of the highest quality: Saffron Spice, Saffron Capsules and Crocus Sativus (Saffron) bulbs. All our products originate from areas where the Saffron corm (bulb) thrives best.

For your health and safety, all our Saffron products are tested by the well-known food and safety laboratory Eurofins Scientific that works worldwide in 42 countries (see: Eurofins Factsheet).

You can purchase our Saffron products directly through our website. In case of any doubt or problems: please feel free to ask and send your questions to Discover the healing powers of Saffron or use it for culinary purposes in your kitchen.

Saffron: Re-establish the balance in your life with our high-quality Saffron products.

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